by Luca Mezzalira

Luca Mezzalira

Being associated with the industry since 2004, I have lent my expertise predominantly in the solution architecture field. I have gained accolades for revolutionising the scalability of frontend architectures with micro-frontends, from increasing the efficiency of workflows, to delivering quality in products. My colleagues know me as an excellent communicator who believes in using an interactive approach for understanding and solving problems of varied scopes.
I helped DAZN becoming a global streaming platform in just 5 years, now as Principal Architect at AWS, I'm helping our customers in the media and entertainment space to deliver cost-effective and scalable cloud solutions.
Moreover, I'm sharing with the community the best practices to develop cloud-native architectures to solve technical and organizational challenges.

My core industry knowledge has been instrumental in resolving complex architectural and integration challenges. Working within the scopes of a plethora of technical roles such as tech lead, solutions architect and CTO, I have developed a precise understanding of various technicalities which has helped me in maximizing the value of my company and products in my current leadership roles.

Notable achievements include:

•    Author of Front-End Reactive Architectures and Building Micro-frontends
•    Speaker at over 250 webinars, summits and conferences hosted by leading industry names such as O’Reilly, Google, Adobe and AWS
•    Technical writer and reviewer for APress, Packt Publishing, Pragmatic Bookshelf, Manning Publications and O'Reilly

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